5 Fun Adventures in Stockholm
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5 Fun Adventures in Stockholm

Bring your sunscreen and walking shoes and enjoy a summer visit to Stockholm. Even though it has a reputation of being pricy, it’s surprisingly affordable. Of course you’ll want to explore the city’s many museums and its Old Town, but be sure to save some time for these other uniquely Swedish activities. You won’t regret it!

The Vasa Museum

The Vasa Museum will be a hit with everyone from preschoolers to grandparents. In 1628 the elaborate war ship sank on its maiden voyage a thousand meters (about six tenths of a mile) from where it was launched. In 1961, the ship was located and raised to the surface. Since then, it’s been elaborately preserved and restored, with over 95% of it still original. No small feat! The museum houses the full ship, which in and of itself will leave you in awe. It also captures ship life from the era and makes you grateful that today’s travel is a bit more comfortable—and a lot safer!

The Swedish Archipelago

The Stockholm archipelago consists of 30,000 (you read that right, 30,000!) islands, reefs, and rocky outcroppings. Ferries connect to the larger islands where you can spend the night or just have lunch (herring anyone?) and explore for a few hours before returning to the city. It’s worth the ferry ride alone to appreciate why Swedes love their water.

Birka and the Viking Museum

If you want to add another thrill, combine the ferry ride and travel to Birka, where you can visit a Viking village that gives you a feel for how life might have been over a thousand years ago. During the summer months, the island hosts skilled craftsmen who recreate how work was done back then.

Skansen on Djurgården

Explore Skansen on Djurgården on foot or by bike or electric scooter, which you can rent at the entrance to the island. The island has numerous museums, including the Vasa museum, but it’s also a beautiful park. Think Central Park in New York City if you want a comparison. The path will take you about two hours if you follow it all the way around (plan on a 10,000-step day!), but there are lots of places to stop and enjoy the water, flowers, and birds without traveling the entire way.

Fika Time

After all that exploring, be sure to enjoy a fika. Technically, it’s a coffee and cake break, but every Swede will tell you it’s so much more because it’s about slowing down and spending time with a friend or family member, having a conversation, and refreshing the brain. Sounds like a great tradition–and a lovely way to end a little sightseeing.