An Afternoon Trip to Brazil with Brigadeiro
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An Afternoon Trip to Brazil with Brigadeiro

Time for another afternoon trip around the world. This time, we headed to Brazil to sample Brigadeiro. If you like chocolate, this one is for you! And it’s super easy to make too, which is a requirement in our household.


1 can sweetened condensed milk

1 tablespoon of butter

3 tablespoons of cocoa (use Nesquik for a more authentic flavor)

Sprinkles (chocolate and/or rainbow)


Mix the first three ingredients together in a sauce pan.

Cook on medium heat until it thickens.


Allow it to cool to room temperature.

This is where it gets fun! Butter your hands. Yup, butter them!

Form the chocolate mixture into 1-inch balls.


Roll each ball in the sprinkles.

Bite into the yummy chocolate goodness of Brazil!


You can find this recipe and what to know before you go to Brazil in the back of our latest Pack-n-Go Girls Adventure in Brazil, Mystery of the Troubled Toucan. Travel with Sofia and Júlia deep into the Amazon rainforest where crocodiles swim in the dark waters, spiders scurry up the twisted tree trunks, and a crazy toucan yelps a warning. There they stumble upon a shocking discovery. Can the little girl in your life solve the mystery?