Celebrate Children’s Book Week: Over in the Meadow . . . to South Asia
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Celebrate Children’s Book Week: Over in the Meadow . . . to South Asia

We’re celebrating Children’s Book Week by traveling to the other side of the world with a clever new series, Asha Loves Science, written and illustrated by Dr. Najla Ahmad. Over in the Meadow, the first book in the series, is a sing along book aimed at preschool and early elementary age kids. As a bonus, it also introduces young readers to Urdu/Hindi words in the context of a romp through the meadow. If you’re as adept at Urdu/Hindi as I am, you’ll appreciate the pronunciation guide in the back of the book, as well as a YouTube video to sing along to.

In addition to the story that younger children will enjoy, the book also includes Asha’s Science Corner. Readers will discover animal classifications and an easy-to-understand explanation of metamorphosis. It’s really a two-for-one.

Ahmad’s inspiration for the series came from her own experience. As a child, who was born and raised in America with South Asian heritage, she wondered why there wasn’t a character like her. When her own daughters came along, she decided to create a character they could relate to.

How nice that her daughters won’t grow up wondering why there aren’t characters like them. Even better? Other kids will have the fun of discovering characters who are different from themselves and a world that isn’t just like their own. That’s the real twofer.

Find out more about the Asha Loves Science series on their website: http://ashalovesscience.com/.