Celebrate Children’s Book Week
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Celebrate Children’s Book Week

CBW-champion-FINALIt’s Children’s Book Week again. How fast a year goes past.

Last year, we blogged each day on different children’s books we enjoyed. This year, we’ll share a few books and we’ll also be sharing some FREE printable activities and coloring pages. So, stay tuned.

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 5.52.48 PMI thought I would kick off the week with J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series. I’m sure that may seem not such a clever choice. After all, doesn’t everyone in the universe know about Harry Potter? Probably. But given the fact that she has a new Harry Potter release in July (Harry Potter and the Cursed Child), and given the fact, I’m taking my own Pack-n-Go Girl and Potterhead on a Harry Potter tour of London this summer (and she is still hoping her magical powers will get her through the Platform 9 3/4 brick wall and on to the Hogwarts Express), I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to commend J.K. Rowling’s contributions to children’s literature.

She has made readers out of reluctant girls and boys. She has inspired young people to pursue writing careers, and made better writers out of all the children who have spent hours and hours reading her books (reading a lot makes us better writers, of course). And her knack for engaging kids has no doubt increased the literacy of many a child.

But it’s her imagination and creativity that strike me the most when I think about what she created with Harry Potter. Every time your child reads a Harry Potter book, he or she is transported to another place. To think the entire Wizarding World of Harry Potter came from one women’s head! That always overwhelms me. It reminds me that reading can take us anywhere. Reading can take us to Diagon Alley. It can take us to Wonderland.  And the City of Ember. It can take us to Who-ville and to Narnia. And it can take us around the real world. Our passion behind Pack-n-Go Girls was to take readers on an adventure across the globe. To build curiosity. To appreciate the diversity of cultures and the richness each one contributes to the world. To create greater understanding through finding commonalities as well as understanding the differences that make us unique. And to inspire a sense of adventure in a boundaryless world.

During Children’s Book Week, spend some time taking your children or your students to another place – real or imaginary. They are both great fun. And while you’re at it, inspire them to imagine their own places. I have no doubt there is another J.K. Rowling out there with stories just waiting to be written.

So, what’s your story?

– Lisa