Pack-n-Go Girls Offering FREE eBook and Audiobooks through Mackin & Findaway
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Pack-n-Go Girls Offering FREE eBook and Audiobooks through Mackin & Findaway

Greetings! We hope you and your loved ones are safe and healthy. What a challenging time this is for everyone!

We’d love to make it a little less challenging for you and so we’re teaming up with Mackin and Findaway to let you in on the best deal you’re ever going to get for your school’s library. Through Mackin, we’re allowing FREE use of our multi-user ebooks and audiobooks through September 30, 2020. Mackin is also offering other titles as publishers permit. In addition, Mackin is offering all its Mackin Classics (over 1,500 titles) as free multi-user titles to all K-12 schools to help educators provide more ebooks and audiobooks to all their students.

To access these titles, go to the MackinVIA Promotions page and start downloading. If you don’t have MackinVIA, you can request it from Mackin.

In addition, Findaway, which is the primary source all the major audiobook distributors use, is offering free audiobooks for library use for a limited time. Have your school librarian check with their source for acquiring audiobooks. Pack-n-Go, of course, is part of this giveaway as well.

We ALL want to keep our kids reading. Now, more than ever, is the time to make sure every child still has access to the books that will inspire them to read more!