Share Your Adventures with Us!
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Share Your Adventures with Us!

Where have you been packing ‘n going this summer? Maybe you traveled to Timbuktu or maybe you stayed home and had a fabulous staycation. Either way, we’d love to hear about what you did. We’re going to do a blog in August about all the places our Pack-n-Go kids have gone and the things they’ve done. We want to include you in the blog! We’ll be sending the blog link to all of our Pack-n-Go subscribers, as well as posting it on our social media.

Just send a photo and a couple of sentences about where you’ve gone to Or click on this link which will take you to our Pack-n-Go Girls contact page. Just scroll down that page and share your adventure. We’ll be in touch with you about the photo. Maybe you haven’t had a chance to travel but you’ve had fun in the Pack-n-Go spirit of learning and doing that you’d like to share. We want to hear about that, too. If you’re comfortable, tell us your child’s/children’s first name(s) and age(s). If you prefer to keep that private, no problem.

Don’t worry about making it perfect. In fact, if your child wants to do the writing, all the better!

Here’s what we’ve been up to. In the middle of an intense Pack-n-Go work week, we biked a 12-mile loop in the beautiful Rocky Mountains. We never get tired of Colorado living! ~ Janelle