Story’s European Adventure
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Story’s European Adventure

Story H. had quite the European adventure last Christmas. She happily agreed to share it with us, as well as some fun photos. We’re glad to share the adventure with you. If you ever think kids are too young to remember a trip or that traveling will be too hard to do with kids, guess again. Thanks, Story, for taking us along on your adventure!

Hi, guys! I’m Story, I’m nine years old and I’m going to tell you about my Winter Break Vacation last year when I went to The Netherlands and Paris with my family.  On the first day of my winter break, we flew to Amsterdam. I was really excited for my first Christmas in Europe.

When we arrived, we were met by our friends who live in The Hague and they took us to their home where we stayed for the first three weeks.  They had a park right down the street from them. We went there almost every day. We would play tag and we actually made cardboard shields to play with at the park. But one day, some mean boys wouldn’t let us use a part of the playground.  They were even mean to my dad, so we didn’t go back so much after that. Instead we went to Christmas fairs, museums and castles.

On Christmas Eve, my friends and I made a fake Christmas Fair and drew fake money for all of our parents. We sold bead jewelry and snacks, too, in a vending machine my friend made out of a cardboard box. I sold clay pastries, bracelets, and tickets to a fashion show. We forgot to hold the fashion show, though.

I had Christmas Day in the Netherlands with my friends. I got a Polaroid Camera, which I’d been wanting for a while. My friend got a Cozmo, which is a type of robot that we spent a lot of time playing with. We also had the most delicious croissants I’d ever eaten in my whole life for breakfast. It was the best Christmas ever!

While I was in Europe, I went to Paris, Ghent, Amsterdam, and Amersfoort. In Paris, I saw the Eiffel Tower, and even managed to snap a Polaroid picture! We didn’t go to the Louvre museum, but we saw the pyramid outside. We did get to go to the Museum D’Orsay and that was very interesting.  They had a special exhibit on impressionist and my mom would stand in front of each painting for like, five minutes. She even cried when she was looking at one. We stayed in a hotel that was really fancy and we actually got two rooms that were connected to each other.

On the last day of my break, I was very relaxed but also sad that it was over. I loved my trip to Europe! Being away made being home feel extra special.

Where have your adventures taken you? Share them with us, and we’ll share them with our readers. Write to us at