Journey to Mexico with Your Students!

Inspire your students to discover our neighbor to the South. Get FREE teaching activities to complement your next multicultural unit. Strengthen skills, spark curiosity, and create enthusiasm for learning.


Sign up and get the Pack-n-Go Girls Mexico Exploration Kit for FREE! You’ll find loads of reading, writing, math, science, art, language, and social studies activities, plus plenty of rainy day recess activities to keep kids busy as they learn about Mexico.


Here’s What You’ll Get


Encourage young writers with vocabulary, story elements, and story starters.


Discover the tastes of Mexico with kid- and classroom-friendly recipes.


Keep your students busy with a fun craft.


Dig deeper into Mexico’s history and culture with math, science, and social studies activities.


Take a fun break with a word search, puzzle, or game.


Fill in learning space for quick learners with some coloring pages.


Get the Mexico Exploration Kit now!

If you are under the age of 13, please have your teacher, parent, or guardian sign up with their email. Our Mexico Exploration Kit is intended for teachers and parents/guardians to use with their students and children.


Pack-n-Go Girls Mexico Adventures

To add to the fun and learning, be sure to check out our Pack-n-Go Girls Mexico Adventures: Mystery of the Thief in the Night and Mystery of the Disappearing Dolphin. You’ll find them to be ideal for the entire class, small reading groups, or as read aloud books to settle kids down after a high-energy recess. The books are available in paperback, ebook, and hardcover from Follett, Mackin, Ingram, and Amazon.


Brought to you by Pack-n-Go Girls

At Pack-n-Go Girls, our mission has been and always will be to expand the world for young girls so they can build curiosity and independence, as well as better understand the diverse richness we each bring to the world. Here’s the good news: Boys love our books, too!


With Pack-n-Go Girls Adventures, your readers can tour haunted castles in Austria, catch thieves in Mexico, save dolphins and turtles in Brazil, search for lost golden temples in Thailand, and chase aliens in Australia. They’ll be inspired to embrace adventure, be curious, value what unites us, and celebrate the differences that make us unique. Most of all, they’ll be excited to take on our boundaryless world. To become global kids.


Do your students like mystery, travel, and adventure? Do you want to inspire them to be a global kids? If so, get your Mexico Exploration Kit and introduce them to Mexico – and Pack-n-Go Girls.


The world is waiting. Let’s inspire kids everywhere to take it on.

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