Where Our Pack-n-Go Kids have Been Packing & Going
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Where Our Pack-n-Go Kids have Been Packing & Going

We don’t know about you, but our summer has been crazy busy with travel for work and for fun. Our pack-n-go kids have been busy too. Now that school has started, we’re all just catching our breath. Here are just a few things we’ve been doing and places we’ve gone:

Story, age 9, had a memorable trip to Amsterdam and Paris this past year. Here’s a snippet of her trip. Read her entire blog post here (and see a few more pictures):

I had Christmas Day in the Netherlands with my friends. I got a Polaroid Camera, which I’d been wanting for a while. My friend got a Cozmo, which is a type of robot that we spent a lot of time playing with. We also had the most delicious croissants I’d ever eaten in my whole life for breakfast. It was the best Christmas ever!

Caroline, age 11, had this to say about her adventure in Colorado:

Ava, 9, and Eva, 7, are in girl scouts. They do projects all year like collect cans for the needy and caroling at Christmas for cans.   Their troop also volunteers to do caroling at the nursing homes. Every year they get to be in the Memorial Day parade.

Mary Ann certainly had a unique experience on her summer trip:

Zizi just got back from a cool trip to Washington, D.C. This is a museum we’d love to explore!

My Pack-n-Go Girls adventure took me to Washington DC. We toured lots of museums and monuments. My favorite place was the International Spy Museum! We watched a cool spy video and then they had games and activities and even a vent to climb through! But the best part were the digital games. We all got to choose code words, mine was ferret! Some of the others were rocket, jet pack and cyclone. We played a timed trust game with partners. There was a wall between us where you each put your hand on a screen, and we had to decide if you trust, betray or not sure. If you both pick betray the screen zaps you! If you both trust each other, you’re ok. There was a wicked cool Spy Museum store, that covered the whole bottom level! I bought a couple pens and a cool Girl Scout patch!

Annie, age 9, was lucky enough to go to the Oregon Coast:

Some of our Pack-n-Go Girls have never stopped traveling. Sue, a loyal pack-n-go girl who spent decades living and traveling in Mexico, still loves to travel. She went to Yankton, South Dakota, for an archery competition, and then headed north to Sioux City, Iowa, for a family roots tour, and finally traveled to  Lake Okaboji, which brought back memories of a summer cabin her grandparents had on a lake. Here Sue is with her daughter, son-in-law, and grandson at the Lewis and Clarke monument in Sioux City. (Photo by Aspen Seiver)

You inspire us all, Sue, to keep on traveling!