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Welcome to ‘Stralia!

Welcome to Australia!


The first in the Australia series of Pack-n-Go Girls travel adventure books, Mystery of the Min Min Lights, takes girls to the beautiful country of Australia. If you’ve read “What to Know Before You Go” in the back of the book, you already know a little about Australia. Here are a few more interesting photos Wendy captured on her recent stay in Australia. And scroll down for more interesting information about Australia!

Wendy’s Tour of Australia
  • I took this picture on the way to the sheep station. The outback is peaceful and wild at the same time.

  • Australia really DOES have millions of sheep. Over 73,000,000! That’s more than 3 sheep for every person in Australia.

  • Look at what we saw hopping down the road on our way to the sheep station. I love Australia!

  • Isn’t this sleepy little koala sweet? Chloe and I went to a koala sanctuary and got to feed koalas and even hold one!

  • Did you know that 21 out 25 of the most poisonous snakes in the world live in Australia? I always watch my step in the outback!

  • When I heard this kookaburra laugh, I was sure there was a human hiding in the tree.

  • If we’re lucky, Chloe and I will get to go to Tasmania. If we do, maybe we’ll see a real Tasmanian Devil. The real ones move a lot slower than the cartoon guy.

  • Australia has a million crocs. Well, maybe really only about 200,000. But that’s still a lot!

  • Maybe we’ll be lucky enough to see some sea turtles, too. I wonder if they’re the same ones our friends Sofia and Júlia see in Brazil.

  • The Sydney Opera House is probably the most famous place in Australia. Chloe and I are going to see a concert there some day. I can’t wait!

  • Chloe, Jacko, and I played on this beach for hours. Tons of sea life live under these rocks. It’s cool (and a little scary) to poke around and lift rocks.

  • After I stopped homeschooling, this was the class at school that I joined.

Photos © 2017 by Nick Stevens

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