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Wilkommen in Osterreich!

Welcome to Austria!



The first in a series of Pack-n-Go Girls travel adventure books, Mystery of the Ballerina Ghost, takes girls to the beautiful country of Austria. Mystery of the Secret Room and Mystery of the Christmas Market also take place in Austria. If you’ve read “What to Know Before You Go” in the back of the book, you already know a little about Austria. Here are a few more interesting photos Brooke captured on her recent trip to Kitzbuhel. And scroll down for more interesting information about Austria!

Eva’s Tour of Austria
  • Isn’t it just gorgeous? Everywhere you look it’s pretty enough to be a postcard.

  • See what I mean about all the beautiful flowers in the windows? I especially love this photo because it’s of Konditore, my favorite dessert place in Kitzbuhel!

  • I haven’t gotten to ride in the horse drawn carriage yet, but Mom says we’ll do it at Christmas when my dad and brothers come back to Austria with us.

  • These are three members of the brass quintet that played in the church. It was fun because for the concert they were dressed in their lederhosen and hats.

  • Austria has so many beautiful old churches. Sometimes we go to concerts at the churches.

  • Isn’t it beautiful? I love that they’ve closed the street off to cars.

  • These benches are a great place to people watch on a busy day–especially if I’m eating an ice cream cone!

  • Here are a few of my friends at their school.

  • Can you see what they are reading? We read fairy tales, just like Americans do.

  • One of my favorite things to do is go to the old castle in Salzburg.

  • During Christmas, we love to visit the Christmas Markets. We call them Christkindlmarkt.

  • Here's one of my friends - she read the story about Brooke and I at the Christmas Market.

Learn More About Austria

  • FREE German language podcast: German is spoken not only in Germany, but also in Austria!
  • Kitzbuhel Tourism: Plan a trip to Kitzbuhel or at least check out what there is to do there.
  • Kitzbuhel on TripAdvisor: See what others have said about traveling in Kitzbuhel.
  • Kitzbuhel Snow Report: If you are like Brooke from Colorado, you may like to ski. Check out the snow conditions in Kitzbuhel – in winter, of course!
  • Weather in Kitzbuhel: If you are planning on traveling to Kitzbuhel, check the weather first so you know what to pack!
  • Austria Facts: Want to know more about Austria in general? Check out this link.
  • The Vienna Boys Choir: Check out this world-famous Austrian choir in a commercial for the European Football Championship (which is called soccer in the US!)
  • Yodeling: Okay this guy is, in fact, German, not Austrian. But he is one of the most famous yodeler. The yodel is a song which is sung with an extended note which rapidly and repeatedly changes in pitch and makes a high-low-high-low sound. Developed in the Central Alps as a method of communication between alpine mountaineers or between alpine villages, the yodel later became part of the region’s traditional lore and musical expression. The technique is used in many cultures throughout the world and Austria is one of the countries where it is most popular.
  • More Yodeling in Austria: Since this is such a fun topic, here is another one with Franzl Lang yodeling on an Austrian hiking path. And, as a bonus, there is a video to learn how to yodel. Your parents will appreciate this new skill!
  • One More Yodeling Video: I guess we are on a roll with this yodeling thing – check out this 12 year old girl on New Zealand’s Got Talent singing He Taught Me to Yodel. And if you want to sing this song, you can find the words here.
  • The Sound of Music: If you haven’t already watched this classic movie, now is the time. It is set in Salzburg, Austria.

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