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You love teaching. We love learning. So we’re always looking for ways to keep on learning. We started Pack-n-Go Girls with the express intention to increase children’s creativity and curiosity, appreciation for other cultures, and a sense of adventure in a boundaryless world. To that end, we provide learning activities and presentations to inspire kids to learn and grow as global citizens.


Join the Adventure for More Activities

We’re on an adventure to inspire girls to discover the world. To be curious. To be independent. To value what unites us. And to celebrate the differences that make us unique. The world is waiting. Let’s inspire girls everywhere to take it on.


We’ll send you a free Adventure Starter Kit to start exploring the world today. Plus, you’ll continue to get more free learning activities, crafts, recipes, and the latest news from Pack-n-Go Girls.
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    Author Visits

    Discover the secrets of good writing on a world tour with Pack-n-Go Girls! We offer several different author visit programs to meet your needs. Leveraging our professional instructional design and corporate training skills, our programs promise a fun, engaging, and valuable learning experience for your students.

    Assemblies: Inspiring Young Writers
    This engaging keynote entices kids to be curious about the larger world through reading and writing. Students take a quick tour around the globe with intriguing glimpses into other cultures. With fun, interactive exercises, we inspire students to become great writers and global citizens. Grades: K-6 | ~ 150 per presentation | 45-60 minutes


    Classroom Workshops: An Adventure in Writing
    Pack-n-Go Girls are always ready for adventure! Our experiential workshops take students on a journey through the Pack-n-Go countries of Austria, Mexico, Thailand, and Brazil. Through hands-on activities, we share the secret of using the five senses to become a better writer. In addition, we inspire young writers to experience the power of revising. Students put their new insights into practice—writing, sharing, and revising. They discover that writing is an adventure in and unto itself. Grades: K-6, but preferably 2-4 | Group Size: Less than 30 | 45-60 minutes


    Virtual: Q&A with an Author
    Being far away does not stop a Pack-n-Go Girl! We travel often and deliver programs remotely. Our virtual programs are delivered via Skype or WebEx. We start with a short overview on our personal paths to becoming authors. Then we open it up for Q&A. We can tailor the program to focus on writing, geography, or entrepreneurialism. We ask that teachers and students prepare questions before the visit. Grades: K-6 | Group Size: 1 classroom per program | 30-45 minutes

    To learn more about our Author Visits, download our Author Visit packet.
    It includes the following information:


    Pack-n-Go Girls Overview
    Author Visit Descriptions
    Book Descriptions
    Author Bios
    Author Visit Checklist
    Student Engagement
    Order Forms
    Bookmark Printables
    Coloring Page Printables


    Country Exploration Kits

    Our 45+ page Country Exploration Kits include additional cross-curriculum learning activities in reading, writing, math, science, social studies, and art, which are tied to Common Core standards. We added in a few more fun activities just to pass the time during a rainy day recess, waiting in an airport, driving on a road trip, or simply out for dinner. We’ve also included recipes for cooking some treats for your trip or classroom party.