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Welcome to Thailand!



The first in the Thailand series of Pack-n-Go Girls travel adventure books, Mystery of the Golden Temple, takes girls to the mysterious country of Thailand. If you’ve read “What to Know Before You Go” in the back of the book, you already know a little about Thailand. Here are a few more interesting photos Jess captured on her recent trip to Chiang Mai. And scroll down for more interesting information about Thailand!

Jess’ Tour of Thailand
  • Welcome to Chiang Mai International Airport. The airport looks pretty similar to our airports. But look closely for the curvy Thai lettering in the sign.

  • On our way to Nong May's, we passed some kids going into their school.

  • Nong May's family owns an orchid farm. I didn't know you grew orchids in the air. They were so beautiful!

  • Here’s a picture of the Naga staircase leading to the Wat Phra That Doi Suthep. Those serpents are a little bit scary! (Millevache CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons)

  • Inside of Wat Phra That Doi Suthep, there was gold everywhere.

  • We passed monks teaching students about Buddhism.

  • Outside there were some girls posing for pictures in their traditional Thai dress.

  • We stopped for Khao Soi. It looks different than some of our food, but I really enjoyed it.

  • After dinner, Khun Mali made some sticky rice with mango or khao niaow ma muang. Don’t worry, I can’t pronounce it in Thai either. But it's my favorite.

  • Visiting the Elephant Rescue Center was one of the best things we did. Watching and feeding the elephants was really cool.

  • This is one of the roads that we drove on in the Chiang Mai mountains - up to the hill tribes.

  • I played with these children in the hill tribe village - they were adorable.

Learn More About Thailand

  • Learn Thai: I love these Learn Thai in 3 Minutes videos. They will show you how to pronounce many of the Thai words in Mystery of the Golden Temple. And next time you visit a Thai restaurant, you will be able to introduce yourself!
  • Learn More Thai: This is another great site for learning Thai phrases. You can click on the audio symbol and hear it pronounced. As you start to visit the language sites, you will see how Thai words are spelled in Roman letters differently. While there is an “official” standardization, “unofficially,” there is really no standard way!
  • Orchid Farm: Want to see what an orchid farm looks like? Check out this cool video.
  • Chiang Mai: Check out more about Chiang Mai!
  • What’s the Weather? Check out the weather in Chiang Mai.
  • Doi Suthep: Plan your visit to Chiang Mai’s most famous temple. Discover the history. See the golden pagoda. Hear the monks chant.
  • Visit an Elephant Sanctuary: Can’t travel to Thailand yet? Watch this cool video from Kids Travel News to see an Elephant Sanctuary from a kids perspective. Check out their other videos on Thailand too.
  • Create Secret Messages: Learn how to use baking soda as an invisible ink Like Khun Boon Mee in Mystery of the Golden Temple.
  • Thai Taxis: Love this blog that writes about all the different ways taxi drivers decorate their taxis.
  • Food in Chiang Mai: Explore Chiang Mai’s most popular food.
  • Planning a Trip?: Chiang Mai on Trip Advisor: See what others have said about traveling to Chiang Mai.
  • Traveling with Kids to Thailand? Check out these tips.
  • More Thailand for Kids: For more tips on kid-friendly traveling in Thailand, check out this handy site.
  • Holy Khao: Read more about Chiang Mai’s Khao Soi dish + a recipe – from Afar magazine.

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