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Welcome to Mexico!

Bienvenidos in Mexico!



The first in the Mexico series of Pack-n-Go Girls travel adventure books, Mystery of the Thief in the Night, takes girls to the beautiful country of Mexico. If you’ve read “What to Know Before You Go” in the back of the book, you already know a little about Mexico. Here are a few more interesting photos Izzy captured on her recent trip to Barra de Navidad. And scroll down for more interesting information about Mexico!

Izzy’s Tour of Mexico
  • Here we are at anchor in the Barra de Navidad lagoon. isn’t it amazing?

  • The plaza is always a busy place in every village.

  • The school kids lining up for lunch. See the shades for the playground? They remind me of our sails on the boat.

  • This is the breakfast and lunch menu for Patti’s school. There are 18 pesos to the U.S. dollar, so this can be expensive. A lot of moms bring lunch to their kids at the lunch break.

  • I love this beach restaurant, but I have to admit that we always bring bug spray because the sand gnats love it too.

  • Here’s the abarrotes where we buy our fruits and vegetables. Everything is fresh!

  • This is my favorite moment from sailing. We were anchored in Tenacatita Bay, and three dolphins played under our boat for almost an hour. Cool, isn’t it?

  • How can you beat the sunset from Patti’s family restaurant?

  • Katie Kitty enjoyed a warm spot in a coffee shop. I got some yummy hot chocolate, and Katie Kitty had a dish of milk.

  • I love walking the beach at Barra.

  • I got to go visit Patti's school one day. It was so fun!

  • I loved meeting Patti's friends.

Learn More About Mexico

  • Travel & Tourism: Want to learn more about what to do and where to go anywhere in Mexico?
  • Learn Spanish: If you want to learn Spanish, the best way to do it is to practice everyday. Duolingo is a good way to ease in to a regular habit. Start at your own level. Be prepared for a daily email reminder to practice. It’s not bad thing!
  • Random Facts: You can never know too many random facts about Mexico to throw out at a party. Here’s your chance to collect a few more.
  • Barra de Navidad: Check out more about Barra de Navidad!
  • What’s the Weather? Check out Barra de Navidad weather. This may be dangerous to do in January.
  • Mexican Jumping Beans: Remember Mexican jumping beans from your childhood? Here’s a fun way to show your kids what they’re all about.
  • Planning a Trip?: Barra de Navidad on Trip Advisor: See what others have said about traveling to Barra de Navidad.
  • Mexican Folk Dances: Mexican folklore dancing is a window into the country. Enjoy these four traditional folk dances.
  • The Mexican Hat Dance: Jarabe Tapatio, better known in the U.S. as Mexican Hat Dance, is a classic Mexican folk dance that began as a courtship dance.
  • Mariachi: El Nino Perido is a favorite mariachi song. Expect it to be an important part of the third Mexico book, Mystery of the Not So Empty Room.

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