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Bem-vindo ao Brasil!

Welcome to Brazil!



The first in the Brazil series of Pack-n-Go Girls travel adventure books, Mystery of the Troubled Toucan, takes girls to the amazing country of Brazil. If you’ve read “What to Know Before You Go” in the back of the book, you already know a little about Brazil. Here are a few more interesting photos Sofia captured on her recent trip to Manaus and the Anavilhanas Archipelego area of the Amazon rainforest. And scroll down for more interesting information about Brazil!

Sofia’s Tour of Brazil
  • This is the Amazon River at the meeting of the waters, Encontro das Águas. The dark water is the Rio Negro. The sandy-colored water is the Rio Solimões.

  • Here is a dolphin swimming in the Rio Negro. I loved the pink dolphins, or botos.

  • Here's a picture of the Troubled Toucan - squawking as usual.

  • Here is a school in Brazil. What's the same as your school? What's different?

  • Here is another school - right on the river!

  • The nights were beautiful. An noisy. It sounded like all the animals were trying to sing at once, like in a chorus. I wonder which animal was the conductor?

  • The sloths were really sloooooow.

  • The poison dart frogs made me nervous. But Julia said it was hard to get poisoned by them.

  • I really didn't like the tarantulas. Scary!

  • I found a nice picture of the beach we went to, Praia do Forte.

  • And I took a picture of the Lazy Loggerhead so I could remember her.

  • These are some of the nests that are being protected.

Learn More About Brazil

  • Travel & Tourism: Want to learn more about what to do and where to go anywhere in Brazil?
  • Learn Portuguese: If you want to learn Portuguese, the best way to do it is to practice everyday. Duolingo is a good way to ease in to a regular habit. Start at your own level. Be prepared for a daily email reminder to practice. It’s not bad thing!
  • Portuguese Pod: here is another way to learn Portuguese. We showed the Greetings video in one of my classes in Miami. It was fun to teach my friends how to say hello and goodbye in Portuguese.
  • Random Facts: You can never know too many random facts about Brazil to throw out at a party. Here’s your chance to collect a few more.
  • Schools in Brazil: Take a quick trip to a school in Brazil with this quick video.
  • Planning a Trip?: Manaus on Trip Advisor: See what others have said about traveling to Manaus, Brazil.
  • Olympics in Brazil: Brazil hosted the summer Olympics in August 2016. Check it all out on this site.
  • Futebol in Brazil: Futebol is one of Brazil’s favorite sports. In the US, we call it soccer. The men’s Brazilian national team has won the World Cup a record five times. Take a look at some of the best goals of Brazilian football, or soccer, history.
  • Weather in Brazil: Want to check the weather? Take a look at this site. How is the weather different than where you live?
  • Manaus, Brazil: Want to learn more about the area Sofia visited? Check out this site for some cool facts on Manaus.
  • The Amazon at Night: Curious to hear what the Amazon sounds like at night? Take a listen here.
  • Praia do Forte: Learn more about the city where Mystery of the Lazy Loggerhead takes place.
  • Projeto Tamar: Interested in learning more about the Brazilian sea turtles? Check out Projeto Tamar, the organization that protects them along the Brazilian coastline.
  • Projeto Tamar VIDEOS: Here is a cool video about Projeto Tamar. And here is another one. And another one. And one more. And Oh, and here’s one last fun one with some Portuguese kids touring Projeto Tamar.
  • The Church of Nosso Senhor do Bonfim:  Want to find out where the fitas come from? Check out this church in Salvador, Brazil.

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