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Pack-n-Go Girls Ambassadors

Our Pack-n-Go Girls Ambassadors program provides girls with the opportunity to get a glimpse into the world of Pack-n-Go Girls book publishing, get the inside scoop on Pack-n-Go Girls stories before they are released, and be part of a bigger movement to spread the word – about Pack-n-Girls and about being a curious, adventurous, explorer of the world.


The Program

We love our Pack-n-Go Girls Ambassadors, and we really value them! We’ve changed character names, updated locations, learned new foreign language expressions, and tweaked plots thanks to the feedback we’ve received from our early readers. Once you join, you are put on a list that will receive an early email notification of pre-release reading opportunities for your child (or grandchild or student). We’ll take the first five respondents to our call as pre-readers. And here’s what our pre-readers do:

Read the manuscript. Most of the time, we'll have an early draft of the illustrations, but not always.

After reading the book, take a simple survey.

We'd also love a one or two sentence review of the book that we can post on our website. Pictures are cool too.

When the book is published, we hope you'll review it online as well!

Last but not least, we hope our Pack-n-Go Girls Ambassadors will tell all of their friends about the new book!

It’s easy and fun for you and super helpful for us! Interested? Check out the benefits below.


Live the Creed

As a Pack-n-Go Girls Ambassador, it’s important to live the creed. We try to live it every day. And we love to hear how our Pack-n-Go Girls Ambassadors are living it. Use the contact form to send us a note when you have an interesting story to tell about your Pack-n-Go Girls Ambassador. With permission, we’ll feature it online. We love to hear about the adventures of our Pack-n-Go Girls!


The Benefits

As a Pack-n-Go Girls Ambassador, your child will get the insider’s view. We’ll send out updates about upcoming releases. We may throw in some surveys, a few special offers, and we will most certainly provide you and your child with the opportunity to help in the launch of the book (to tell all their friends, of course!).


Additionally, if your child is selected as a pre-reader, she or he will receive the following upon completion of their pre-reader activities:

Acknowledgement in the back of the book

A free, signed copy of the book


Be an Ambassador

Yes, I want my child to be a Pack-n-Go Girls Ambassador!


You must be 18 to sign up.



    How old does my child have to be? We’re looking for readers from six to nine years old. If your child is younger than that, but already reading early chapter books, you can sign up for them to be a Pack-n-Go Girls Ambassador. Or if you have children a year or so older than that but they still love the books, let us know. We’ll be happy to have you sign them up, too.


    What if I don’t read the book? If your child is selected as a pre-reader and doesn’t read the book and complete the requirements above, that’s okay. To be fair to the other kids who have, we won’t add his or her name to the back of the book or send a free signed copy.


    How much time will I have? Once we send you the manuscript, we ask that you return your child’s survey within two weeks. We’ve found that one week is too little time, but after two weeks, sometimes people get busy with other things and forget.


    What if we don’t like something about the book? Believe it or not, we want to know that, too. We’d much rather fix something in a book before it’s published than find out afterwards that kids don’t like something about the story or don’t like an illustration. That’s why Pack-n-Go Girls Ambassadors have such an important role! And if your child doesn’t like it at all or has no interest in finishing it, we want to know that too. It’s important that pre-readers tell us why they don’t like it. Don’t worry, you won’t hurt our feelings. That’s what editing is all about.


    My child is not a great reader, but we love Pack-n-Go books. Is it okay if we read the book to him or her? Absolutely! And we still would like the survey completed and a written review.


    Can boys participate? Of course, we have Pack-n-Go Boys who have participated in our program. Boys get all the same benefits as girls, and we love to hear from them!