Off the Beaten Path Book Ideas
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Off the Beaten Path Book Ideas

We’ve heard the rumor that Christmas is coming. Already? If you’re looking for some off-the-beaten path book ideas to keep your kids reading over the holidays, we have just the books for you. These are all books from indie/small publishers that you’re not going to find at Barnes & Noble. Check them out. You’re sure to find some gems!

Just Wild Enough, by Marta Magellan, is perfect for your young animal lovers. This picture book biography of Mireya Mayor, who traded her pom-poms as a cheerleader for the Miami Dolphins to explore wild places as a primatologist, will expand their worlds.

If you have twins, can there ever be enough books about twins?  Ben and Kiyanda Young created the Twin Power Books, which are a joyful ode to the uniqueness of being a twin. Fraternal twins Simone and Sebastian learn how to work together to accomplish tasks. The books teach little readers about what it means to be a twin and a best friend.

Luz del Mes is a bilingual site that is loaded with multicultural book selections. You’ll also find free downloadable activities in both Spanish and English, which change monthly.

It’s hard to find books for kids about Native Americans, so Remembering Green, by Lisa Gammon Olson, is a valuable addition to your child’s bookshelf. It tells the story of Wenonah, a young Ojibwe girl, who is forced to attend an English-speaking school as part of a 19th century  United States Government effort to forcibly assimilating Native American children into Euro-American culture.

You’ll find Eleanor Wint’s site a mix of multicultural and self esteem books for kids. Don’t miss the Together We Rise page, which includes a great conversation by eight black authors about their books and why they write.

The Multicultural Bookstore is both an actual brick and mortar place that has story times and lots of author signings (wish we lived in the neighborhood!), and it’s an online store loaded with great multicultural titles and authors.

Another source of multicultural titles is at Lauren Simone Publishing House. Her mission is to tackle the issue of lack of diversity in children’s literature by being completely inclusive in terms of gender, race, nationality, religion, and ability. You’ll find a nice mix of Black and Hispanic writers, as well as STEM selections.

Crystal Patterson’s “Inspired to be . . .” book series explores the culture, experience, and dreams of Black people to expand the imagination of children.

And, of course, our own Pack-n-Go series neatly fits into this list since we inspire kids to take on the world! They’re multicultural and they’re fun! Treat your kids to an international mystery adventure.