7 Reasons a Road Trip is Great for Your Family
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7 Reasons a Road Trip is Great for Your Family

Road trips can be time consuming with all the preparation, scheduling, and reservations, but there are also many reasons it can be amazing, especially with your kids. Here are seven reasons why we recommend hopping in a van and going.


Most everyone has a taste for adventure. Experimenting with new foods and cultures will not only make a trip worth it but also help your children grow into more outgoing, fun people who are willing to try new things. And let’s face it, what better way to find adventure without the tedious expenses of plane tickets than to drive?


No matter where you’re traveling, either you will fall in love, or you’ll miss home. It’s inevitable. But, the more you see new places with your children, the more appreciation they will have for being able to see them. It will show them how to appreciate the items in their life they are used to.


Cooped up in a car for hours? Yeah, you’ll have to bond a little. But in all seriousness: camping, telling stories around a fire, and going on adventures together will help strengthen the bond between you and your kids. You really don’t have much choice on this one; it’s inevitable.


When your children are exposed to different lifestyles, they can quickly pick up on information they would not otherwise see. Maybe while traveling, they learn that mosquitos often hide in dark, damp areas and that Idaho actually has mountains. Perhaps they learn history by reading a placard in a museum or the story of Orion by looking up at the stars. No matter what, your kids will learn something on a road trip, and I can assure you, so will you.


Let’s face it, things go wrong no matter how intricately you schedule and prepare for a trip. It’s just life. Dealing with it takes a lot of mental resilience and positivity. If you bring your kids on a road trip, and they see you deal with a problem using a resilient mindset, they will imitate that in the future.


Whether good or bad (hopefully good), memories on a road trip are a given. Taking your kids with you will make an impact, especially when you’re having fun and constantly trying out and seeing new aspects of life. Those experiences will stay with you and your children forever. Can’t you remember a trip that made a significant impression? We know we can.


You know that quote from Brave: “How do you know you don’t like it if you won’t try it?” That’s what we’re saying. By taking your kids on a road trip and allowing them the opportunity to observe the scenery you pass and the small towns you stop in, they will learn something about themselves. Maybe they realize they enjoy mountains more than beaches, or vice versa, who knows? But you and your kids will find out more about yourselves every day you travel, which is the best part about traveling.

We hope you have fun on your next adventure, and when you hit those eight hour drives, pack a book or two. You know where you can find some fun travel mysteries.