Summer Reading Adventure – 2023
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Tour The World This Summer

Join us for five weeks of adventure and global discovery with our Pack-n-Go Girls Summer Reading Adventure. Sign up and you’ll receive your printable Pack-n-Go Girls Passport to Adventure, along with an email each week chock full of fun stuff about a new country.


And for each country your child completes, we’ll send a passport stamp to place in their passport. Collect all the stamps, and we’ll send you our free printable coloring book at the end of your travels. All for FREE!


Here’s Where We’ll Travel To Each Week


Week of July 8th

Travel to Australia, Land of the Down Under, where you can decode a secret message and cook the yummiest dessert.


Week of July 15th

Explore haunted castles in Austria and learn more about one of Austria’s favorite food groups: chocolate!


Week of July 22nd

Discover the wild animals of Brazil and create a blue morpho butterfly to hang in your window.


Week of July 29th

Wander through Mexico, learn some Spanish so you can get around, and visit a colorful local market.


Week of August 5th

Roam the mysterious land of elephants and golden temples and create your own story about Thailand.


And Here’s Exactly What You’ll Get Each Week


Explore the world through books - we'll provide a list of book ideas.


Discover the tastes of Australia, Austria, Brazil, Thailand, and Mexico with a kid-friendly recipe.


Dive deeper into each country AND keep your kids busy with a fun craft.


Find out more about each country with a learning activity in either reading, writing, math, science, or social studies.


Have some fun with a coloring page, word search, puzzle, or game.


At the end of your 5-week adventure, we'll send you a printable version of our Pack-n-Go Girls Color Your World coloring book.


Join the Summer Reading Adventure Today!

    If you are under the age of 13, please have your parent or guardian sign up with their email. Our Summer Adventure Reading program is intended for parents/guardians to participate in with their children.


    Brought to you by Pack-n-Go Girls

    At Pack-n-Go Girls, our mission has been and always will be to expand the world for young girls so they can build curiosity and independence, as well as better understand the diverse richness we each bring to the world.


    With Pack-n-Go Girls Adventures, your girls can tour haunted castles in Austria, catch thieves in Mexico, save dolphins and turtles in Brazil, search for lost golden temples in Thailand, and chase aliens in Australia. They’ll be inspired to embrace adventure, be curious, value what unites us, and celebrate the differences that make us unique. Most of all, they’ll be excited to take on our boundaryless world. To become global girls.


    Is there a girl you can think of who likes mystery, travel, and adventure? A girl that you want to inspire to be a global girl? If so, introduce her to Pack-n-Go Girls and join our Summer Reading Adventure.


    The world is waiting. Let’s inspire girls everywhere to take it on.