10 Road Trip Tips From a 10-Year Old
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10 Road Trip Tips From a 10-Year Old

Summer is nearly here, and road trips are around the corner. With that in mind, our 10-year-old Pack-n-Go Girl, Sarah, has shared her top 10 tips for road tripping.

SarahatBeach21. Make sure you pack some stuff that you find really interesting. Road trips can be long and boring, and packing interesting things will keep you busy and make the time go by faster. I pack my wand and spell book so I can cast some spells during the trip. I also like to bring a camera so I can take pictures along the way.

2. Bring a game. We have a portable Sorry that we like to play. You could also pack a puzzle, like a Rubik’s cube. That could take a looooong time to solve! And there are always games on your electronics if you can bring those.

3. Look out the window. Enjoy the nature that you see. Look for different kinds of trees, birds, or animals. Or look for different license plates. My mom said she is planning a variation on this theme for our trip in July. She has saved quarters for the different states. If we find a car with that state, we get the quarter! Sounds like a deal to me. I also really like to look for SlugBugs – Volkswagon Beetles. Then I can say “SlugBug” and hit my brother. Be careful with this one though, as it can quickly get out of control and lead to trouble with your parents.

4. Are we there yet? Stop asking, and find out for yourself! Guess where you might be, and then ask your mom or dad to help find where you are on the map. How close were you? What else do you see on the map that you could look for (mountains, rivers, roads, canyons, etc.)?

5. Pack snacks in case you get hungry. My favorite snacks for the back of the car are gatorade, a water bottle, apples, oranges, and a bag of chips, although my dad is not too excited when I get crumbs all over the seat. So, be careful.

6. Go to the bathroom before you get in the car! Nothing more to say on that. Just do it.

7. Be comfy. Take a pillow or a blanket. It’s nice to snuggle up for a quick (or long) nap. And I would suggest you wear comfortable clothes. I don’t like to wear jeans because they are tight and sometimes itchy. I usually wear shorts (if it’s warm) or leggings if it’s cold. Sometimes I even wear my pajamas.

8. Don’t get in the car in a sour mood. Then no one has any fun. Try and think about how much fun you will have on the trip. Fill your mind with happy thoughts. Sometimes I imagine myself doing things I really like (like being at the beach – the sound of the ocean just calms me down). Don’t forget that you are lucky to be able to go where you are going. Be grateful. Not all families get to take a road trip. Plus, you don’t know what kinds of fun surprises you might find at your destination.

9. Bring a notebook to write in. You can write about what you see. I write stories. Sometimes I write songs too. (A note from Mom: check out our 10 Questions To Open the Young Travelers’ Minds post for some great questions to spur your thinking –  journaling is a great way to capture memories!)

10. Bring a Pack-n-Go Girls book. Travel the world while you travel the country!

Thanks, Sarah, for sharing! If you have other tips for road trips, we would love to hear them.

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