Children’s Book Week: 10 Travel Books for Kids
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Children’s Book Week: 10 Travel Books for Kids

In honor of Children’s Book Week and the Pack-n-Go Girls travel adventure theme, we thought we’d compile a quick list of travel books for kids. So, here goes!

1. Lonely Planet Not for Parents Travel Book: This book has lots of cool stuff to know about each country in the world.

2. Lonely Plant’s Travel with Children: Need tips and advice for traveling with kids? This is the book to take a look at.

3. National Geographic: I love National Geographic! Both the magazines and National Geographic for Kids are great. You can find world atlases, along with states or national parks information, and tips and advice on great family trips.

4. 100 Places That Can Change Your Kids Life: Even though this is also from National Geographic, I had to call this one out separately. It’s just such an awesome concept. ” National Geographic Traveler Editor Keith Bellows sends you and your children globetrotting for life-changing vacations that will expand their horizons and shape their perspectives.”

5. Cool Travel Books: Not every travel book has to be a travel guide. Here is a great list of some classic books that explore other places around the world in their stories.

6. Books by Country: If you are interested in books about a certain country, check out this website by Ciao Bambino.

7. For the Younger Set: Not to leave out the littler children, check out this list of some children’s picture books with a travel theme.

8. One more for the Younger Set: If you’ve got little ones, here is a board book introduction to world travel. Check out the Good Night Our World series of books. The books spans countries and local cities and towns.

9. Kids Travel Journal: This is probably the most important book on the list. Encourage your child to capture his or her experiences. I am not recommending one journal here, as I am a firm believer that the journal picks the kid. Bring your son or daughter to the store and see which journal speaks to him or her. Is it the one wrapped in leather that looks like it was used on a pirate ship? Or, is it the one in pink sparkle plastic casing? Or, maybe you have an aspiring journalist who wants to stick with a classic moleskine? The point is: Let them pick it out. You want them to use it!

10. Pack-n-Go Girls: We obviously cannot publish a list of kids travel books without including our own. Your little girl can travel with Pack-n-Go Girls books or let the books take her around the world. Austria (not Australia) is the setting for our first series. Our second series is launching this month – in Mexico! And don’t miss our Thailand series coming this summer!

While we are celebrating Children’s Book Week, take a few moments to think about how you are exploring the world through books with your children! – Lisa