A Few Gems to Add to a Costa Rican Adventure
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A Few Gems to Add to a Costa Rican Adventure

By staff blogger Sarah Travis


If you’re looking for an exotic new adventure with plenty to do and see, then look no further. Costa Rica is located in Central America and bordered by the Pacific and Caribbean ocean. If you’re getting away from the cold, then this place is perfect. We’ve got a few gems to add to your Costa Rican travel itinerary.

A favorite location was Guanacaste, on Costa Rica’s Gold Coast, which is a stellar place for a long beach day. You can walk for miles along the beach, see wild monkeys jump from tree to tree, and even pick up more sand-dollars than you may have seen in your life. But don’t forget the sunscreen! The true magic begins once the sun dips into the sea, and you will not regret going to Guanacaste as you take in the beauty of the sunset. It reflects against the water in a brilliant display that will leave you at a loss for words.

But coastal beaches aside, the city of San Juan is equally as beautiful. Though we only spent a day looking at the abundant statues and ancient buildings, it was enough to leave an impact. You can look upon Costa Rica’s National Monument, located in the National Park. Each element in this majestic sculpture is symbolic to Costa Rica and the world. Each woman represents a Central American nation with weaponry that represents the different ethnic backgrounds fighting for independence. The National Monument also shows William Walker fleeing to represent his invading force’s defeat.

If you are looking for something more historic, check out Costa Rica’s ancient stone spheres. You can find them all over San Jose. These spheres were carved by the Diquís people, whose civilization has long been lost to time. Further more, you can buy exotic fruits from carts and countless souvenirs from the Municipal Artisans Market (Mercado Municipal de Artesanias), all while taking in the culture and beauty of Costa Rica. Buildings range from polished stone and glass to splintered concrete, all of which are important to see. History swells in every broken crack, allowing you to see a time when buildings were used as military forts.

Visiting the city is wonderful, but should you desire something more green, then the rainforests of this island will not disappoint. To add adventure on your trip, the Sky Trek zip line tour will surely give you what you’re looking for. If you would like to document this trip, don’t risk taking out your phone. A photographer will take pictures for you, and you can pay for them once the zipline course is complete. You start on a gondola that will take you up on Costa Rica’s mountains, filling your eyes with what Tarzan presumably saw each day. Just don’t look down. Once you reach the top, you get a small practice run, and then you’re off between two mountains with birds racing beside you. The wind crashes into your face, and you have to force your eyes open to take in the canopy of leaves more than 100 feet beneath you.

Now you have an option for relaxation, adventure, and sight-seeing, but what about a combination of all three? Descend 500 steps and enter La Fortuna waterfall where you’ll find a brilliant display of water combined with a 230-foot basin for anyone to swim in. The water may be a little chilly at first, but the beauty of it is worth every goosebump. This small adventure can be done in a few hours (depending on how long you stay at the base of the waterfall) and can leave time for another excursion. But remember: after climbing 500 steps, your feet and legs could be a little tired.

Looking for more? Try the largest hot springs resort, the Baldi Hot Springs, this large hotel and resort has attracted many tourists for years with its notable size and vast array of pools. Surrounded by trees and water, this place is stunning at night. Each pool has its special quality, so no matter the mood, there will be something to fit it. From small ponds of heat to bodies of water so large, there are tiny islands full of trees planted in the center. Waterfalls, slides, and hidden crevasses all await you in the Baldi Hot Springs.

If you are not ready to be done yet, I must add that you can also go on a catamaran cruise on the Pacific Ocean as an all-day trip. Most cruises include lunch or dinner and plenty of chances to swim and can snorkel among reefs and fish. As you sail back, you will watch the sun dip back into the blue depths, and even the rowdiest of kids will be silenced by the beauty of it.

Costa Rica has many different hotels and adventures to pick from, so take your time when choosing. But whatever you may do, the experience will be worth it. Costa Rica is a grand place that should be cherished by every traveler, and if you go there, you will see why.