Children’s Book Week: Epic Mystery Adventures
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Children’s Book Week: Epic Mystery Adventures

ND1I can distinctly remember the sound of the crackling fire, the smell of a dinner my mom was so graciously preparing, the feel of my cat Graphite curled up in my lap, and the sight of the words on the pages of each Nancy Drew book I read. There are just some mystery adventures that stick with you –  epic books whose characters remain in your heart and mind.

For me, Nancy Drew was it. I had a whole collection of Nancy Drew books. I remember the very first one I read, The Secret of the Old Clock. From the moment Nancy got locked in a closet by thieves while doggedly pursuing a clock, with (hopefully) a will in it, I was hooked.

And, I can remember the one I was so intrigued to read, the Mystery of the Brass Bound Trunk. I think it was because Nancy was traveling to South America with a cool trunk for luggage. Her trunk gets mixed up with a friend they meet on board, Nestrelda Darlington whose trunk is also labeled with the initials N.D. (gotta love that name!). Of course, Nancy gets into trouble again – this time being knocked out. And, of course, she manages to escape and solve a mystery involving some stolen jewels. What could be more epic than that!

Now my daughter is 9, and I am encouraging her to read Nancy Drew books. She didn’t immediately gravitate to the exotic brass-bound trunk, but rather The Clue of the Broken Locket and The Mystery at Lilac Inn. I guess maybe she is more into flowers and jewelry than traveling the world with a trunk. That also probably says something about my desire behind starting Pack-n-Go Girls to educate girls about the world through travel adventure books and toys . . . hmmmmm.

In any case, we are going to used book stores in search of the oldest Nancy Drew books we can find. The one with the blue collages of Nancy Drew on the inside front and back covers. Maybe its because they seem retro. Maybe its nostalgia. Or, maybe, since those are the ones that built such fond memories for me, I hope they can build epic mystery memories for my daughter.

What epic book holds the memories of your childhood? Go to your local used bookstore and pick it up to share with your child!