Don’t Miss the Goblins!
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Don’t Miss the Goblins!

By Sarah Travis, Guest Writer


I did not see any green creatures, but if you do then let me know! The Valley of the Goblins in Utah is enchanting, and I would recommend that you visit it if you ever have the chance.

To tour this valley is to see another world. Begin the trek at Valley of The Goblins State Park, where you can camp for the night. The main trail starts just off the campsite – follow the cairns to stay on track. Be careful: the trail is more sand than stone and will break off from the ground. The trail only lasts around a mile, and you will end up right at the entrance to the valley.

The first look at Valley of The Goblins will take your breath away. All you must do is descend a small staircase, and then you are walking where mythical creatures must play at night when we all go home.

Stones jut out from the ground and twist into arches. Red stone twirls up to meet blue skies. Honestly, your jaw will drop. It is unlike anything I have ever seen. These stones go on for miles, weaving you in between each obstacle like a mouse in a maze. The horizon is full of plateaus that have been randomly sculpted by water.

The rocks are rough, yet soft. As you run a hand against them, you feel as though some unearthly force had carefully sculpted the valley. Your imagination has never burned so bright. These formations bring you to another world in you mind – one where aliens roam and sorceresses hide.

If you’re looking for a fun place to bring a child, this would be it. Running through these structures would excite anyone. The best part: no matter how far you go, how long you walk, you will still see the staircase that will lead you out.



There are two more valleys in Valley of The Goblins that some are not aware of. The first valley, tucked away behind a low ridge, hosts formations much taller than what you will see from the observation point (the top if the staircase). It is around a ½ mile from the entrance and will not be packed. The second is The Goblin’s Lair. It is 1.5 miles away from the entrance, and hidden away on the park’s eastern boundary. Originally, this ‘lair’ was a slot canyon before it was sealed by rock fall. Now, tourists may venture into this destroyed canyon at their leisure. Caution is advised. For those wishing to rappel into the Goblin’s Lair, permits are available at the visitor center desk. A two dollar permit fee is charged (per person) for the maintenance of the route.

The park and surrounding area at night is well worth staying for. With no artificial lights around, the campground is a certified dark sky campground. There are thousands of stars hanging in the sky, and they are heavenly. It is an experience that you will never forget.

And, if you are looking for a ghost story to read around the campfire, don’t miss Mystery of the Ballerina Ghost.