Drum Roll, Please
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Drum Roll, Please

. . . TaDah! Check out our brand, spankin’ new website. We’ve now made it easier for you to join us on our mission to inspire girls to be more curious, independent, and adventuresome. Here’s all the great stuff you’ll find to help make that happen:


We’ve sorted our blogs into easy to find categories. Can’t find the blog with the Brigadeiro recipe? Now you can find it much faster. Click on Social and you’ll find our latest Tweets, Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook postings.


You’ll find links to all the latest Country Exploration Kits, as well as plenty of printable freebies. Stop by for some free puzzles, coloring pages, and other activities.


Travel with us to all of the Pack-n-Go countries. We have dozens of photos and cool links to expected and unexpected information about each country. You can learn to yodel or hear a didgeridoo, visit a Thai elephant sanctuary or see Mexican jumping beans. We have plenty to entertain you or a classroom of kids.

Be an Ambassador:

The Ambassadors page is also the place to sign up to be a Pack-n-Go Ambassador. We’re always looking for more pre-readers for our upcoming books. Becoming an Ambassador gives kids a unique insider look at the publishing world.

Shop & Reviews:

Last, but certainly not least, we’ve made it easy for you to read some of our great reviews and to shop for Pack-n-Go Girls Adventures.

Thanks for being such great supporters! We are grateful to have you along for the adventure.