FREE Virtual Author Visit
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FREE Virtual Author Visit

At Pack-n-Go Girls Adventures, we’re always looking for creative ways to keep kids engaged in reading and learning. Here’s what we’re doing now to help teachers and librarians. Through the end of May, we’re doing live interactive author visits via Zoom–for FREE! Our goal is to inspire kids to become engaged readers, great writers, and global citizens.

We’ll take students on a virtual tour through our Pack-n-Go Girls countries of Mexico, Brazil, Australia, Thailand, and Austria. And we’ll share some useful writing secrets to make their writing come alive. At the same time, we’ll provide a glimpse of cultural similarities and differences, teach some language phrases, and quiz them on fun facts. At the end, we’ll be happy to do a Q&A with your budding writers. Your kids will love it!

If you’re interested, contact us at Or if you don’t have a way to corral students for a specific time, feel free to share our YouTube video of the author visit. The YouTube video is 37 minutes. Since the live meetup is more interactive, plan on about an hour–a few minutes more if you want to allow for questions.

We hope you’ll pass this information on to your school’s librarian and teachers. Of course, even if your school doesn’t take advantage of this free offer, we hope you’ll share the author visit YouTube video with your own children. It’ll give you 37 minutes to catch a break, take a call, or tackle some work. We know you deserve that–and more!

We hope to see you soon!
Janelle & Lisa