Mystery of the Min Min Lights Is Here!
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Mystery of the Min Min Lights Is Here!

This is the perfect time to escape this wintry weather and explore another land. Journey to the Australian outback in Mystery of the Min Min Lights, the latest adventure from Pack-n-Go Girls.

It’s hot. It’s windy. It’s dusty. It’s the Australian outback. Wendy Lee arrives from California. She’s lucky to meet Chloe Taylor, who invites Wendy to their sheep station. It sounds like fun except that someone is stealing the sheep.

And the thief just might be something as crazy as a UFO.

Want to explore the Brazilian rainforest, the jungles of Thailand, the mountains of Austria, or the waters of Mexico? We’ve got plenty of other spooky mysteries to carry young readers all the way through to the new year and beyond. Check them all out on Amazon or on our website. Buy today and get them by Christmas!

Now is also a great time to remind everyone that Pack-n-Go Girls Adventures are not just for girls. Boys love the series as well because there’s plenty of adventure. They’re great mysteries with lots of fun stuff like like dolphins, sea turtles, toucans, jungles, estuaries, and boats! So if you haven’t thought about Pack-n-Go Girls for the boys in your life, give it a try.

We are so happy to have you along on our adventures around the world.

Happy Travels and Happy Reading and–most of all–Happy Holidays! ~Janelle