Mystery of the Naga at Night Is Here!
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Mystery of the Naga at Night Is Here!

It’s official! Mystery of the Naga at Night, the second book in the Thailand series, is available. Pack-n-Go Girls Ambassadors from around the world have read it, and they love it. We hope you will too.

In case you don’t remember, Jess Johnson travels from Boston, MA to Chiang Mai, Thailand. There, she meets a new friend, Nong May. In the first book, they solved the Mystery of the Golden Temple. If you haven’t read it, you can pick up a copy here. Here’s a little more about Jess and Nong May.

Jess Johnson loves playing soccer almost as much as mysterious adventures in faraway places. She thinks its cool that her parents travel all over the world to help support schools. Mr. and Mrs. Johnson work as school teachers during the school year. On school breaks and summers, they volunteer to help build and support schools in other countries. So Jess has traveled to Nicaragua, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Honduras, Guatemala, and Haiti. Since her parents like to travel so much, she was also lucky enough to visit Mexico, Canada, and Greece on vacation. But Thailand is the farthest she has ever been. When she is at home, Jess plays on her soccer team, the Boston Lightening. She plays with girls from different schools. Even though they don’t see each other at school, they are fast friends on the field. They like to go watch the high school girls play soccer and try to practice their moves. But most of all they like to play hard in the games and eat the after-game snacks! At school, Jess hangs out with her friends Emma and Abby. Her favorite subject is writing. But she also loves to sing. So she thinks maybe someday she will do both and be a song writer! She can’t wait to write a song about her adventures in Thailand!

Nong May Wattana likes to sing, dance, and make new friends. She loves showing new friends around her special city of Chiang Mai. There is so much to explore. Nong May grew up right outside of Chiang Mai in the Mae Sa Valley on an orchid farm. The orchid farm has been in her family since her grandfather was little. She loves the beautiful flowers that the farm grows. She knows they spread happiness to all the places around the world that they sell them to. Her brother, Pee Aran works at the Elephant Rescue Center nearby. On a lazy day, it’s always fun to stop by and help with the elephants. Sometimes that means feeding them, but other times that means cleaning up after them. Yuck! At school, Nong May hangs out with her friends, Isra and Kanya. Her favorite subject is English. It is “jeng” – awesome – to learn and speak both Thai and English. She loves to talk to the people from different countries that come to help help her mom support the village schools. Many visitors do not speak Thai, and she doesn’t know languages like German or French yet.  But most people know some English. So she can usually ask the visitors all about where they live. She loves learning about new places. That’s why she loves hanging out with Jess!

And here’s a bit about the new release:

Welcome to Thailand!

Rustle. Crunch. Rustle. Crunch. Something creeps by Jess’ window in a Thai hill tribe village. Whatever it is sounds close enough to touch. The wind blows. Pebbles scatter. A shadow slithers though the moonlight. What is this mysterious creature doing slipping into the jungle every night? Jess and Nong May are determined to find out.


Go on a memorable adventure with Jess and Nong May today! You can pick up your copy at Amazon right now. For teachers and booksellers, it will be on Mackin, Follet, and Ingram soon.



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