Pack-n-Go Girls Celebrate the 4th in Style
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Pack-n-Go Girls Celebrate the 4th in Style

We hope you had a fabulous 4th. We certainly did! We gathered up twenty-one delightful Pack-n-Go Girls to march in the Frisco, Colorado 4th of July parade. They looked amazing in their “I’m a Pack-n-Go Girl and I’m going places!” pink T-shirts and 4th of July ribbons & bows. They decorated rollerboards and backpacks and stuffed them with candy and Pack-n-Go luggage tags to hand out to parade watchers. The judges loved the girls, too. They awarded Pack-n-Go Girls third place in the children’s division for the parade. Woohoo!

From there, Lisa and Janelle headed to a book signing at Next Page Books and Nosh. All afternoon, people stopped by our table and told us that the Pack-n-Go Girls were their favorite part of the parade. The girls stole their hearts! (Ours too!)

We thought you’d enjoy a few photos of the day.

Now we’re on to the next adventure. Our Pack-n-Go Girls Summer Reading Adventure starts Monday, July 10. If you haven’t already signed up, it’s not too late. Join us for five weeks of adventure and global discovery. You’ll receive your printable Pack-n-Go Girls Passport to Adventure, along with an email each week chock full of fun stuff about a new country.