Pack-n-Go Girls on the Go
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Pack-n-Go Girls on the Go

We can’t believe how fast the summer went, and now it’s almost Halloween, so fall is racing along too. Speaking of, have you read Mystery of the Ballerina Ghost yet? It’s a perfect book for Halloween fun!

Even though we haven’t blogged, we didn’t disappear—well, except to the Netherlands, Connecticut, Spain, Massachusetts, China, Washington, and Kansas. And now we’re headed off to Singapore. Talk about jet lag.

We’ve also been busy basking in the glow of the glitter of several awards:

  • 2017 Literary Classics Gold – Best Series – Early Ready
  • 2017 Moonbeams Silver – Best Early Chapter Book Series
  • 2017 CIPA Evvy Silver Award – Children’s Chapter Books for Mystery of the Min Min Lights

And we added to the glitter with several nice awards for Never Enough Flamingos, Janelle’s latest novel for adults:

  • 2017 Kansas Notable Book Selection
  • 2017 CIPA Evvy Gold Award –Historical Fiction
  • 2017 IPPY Bronze for Midwest Regional Fiction


We also had a very happy August when Publisher’s Weekly featured Pack-n-Go Girls. It’s always a treat when the big guys notice the little guys and say inspiring things about the little guys.

So now we’re looking ahead to the school year and already booking author visits. If your school or classroom is interested, drop us a line. Even if we can’t be there in person, we can always Skype with your class or homeschool group. In the meantime, we’re bumping up our efforts to get into school and public libraries since that’s where the readers are. All of our books are now in hardcover, which makes librarians very happy.

Don’t worry, though, we’re still writing. Lisa is busy working on Mystery of the Naga at Night, the second book in the Thailand series. Here’s what’s coming: Jess arrives to help Nong May at one of the hill tribe village schools in Thailand. Nong May is happier than ever to see her. For the last week, she’s been scared stiff. Every night, Nong May has seen the mythical seven-headed Naga serpent slithering through the village. And this Naga is not out to protect anyone. It has to be a bad dream. Or is it?

We’ll give you an update soon on how the book is progressing, but you can be sure it’ll have all the fun that you’ve grown to love with Pack-n-Go Girls Adventures: a spooky mystery, an international friendship, and lots of easy multicultural learning.