Read & Craft: Halloween Edition
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Read & Craft: Halloween Edition

With Halloween just around the corner, it’s a great time to read a ghostly mystery and create some halloween decorations to go along with it.



Take a trip to a haunted castle in Austria and solve Mystery of the Ballerina Ghost with Brooke and Eva.

Nine-year-old Brooke Mason has lived all her life on a ranch in the Colorado Rockies. Now she’s headed to Austria with her mom. Brooke can’t wait! They even get to stay in Schloss Mueller, an ancient Austrian castle. Even better? There’s a girl Brooke’s age to play with! Eva, the girl who lives in Schloss Mueller is thrilled to meet Brooke. Unfortunately, the castle’s ghost isn’t quite so happy.

And if you want to read more mysteries, check out the second and third books in the Austria adventures, Mystery of the Secret Room and Mystery at the Christmas Market.

We always like to bring all the senses to a reading expedition, so pair Mystery of the Ballerina Ghost with a ghostly craft activity.


After reading a few chapters, take a break and create your own ghost. It’s fun, it’s easy, and you probably already have all the supplies you need.


A square of white material


Marker or Sharpie

String for hanging


Step One

Wrap the material around the cotton ball.


Step Two

Tie the string around the neck and tie a knot. Then tie the string at the top to form a hangar.


Step Three

Use the sharpie to add eyes.


For Fun

You can certainly color your material to make your ghost more unique or add on sticky jewels or foam decorations.

Last but not least .  . .

Add your ghost to your halloween decorations.

Hopefully it won’t keep you awake at night!

Happy Halloween from Pack-n-Go Girls