Read, Read, Read!
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Read, Read, Read!

Where have books taken you this year? I’ve been to Paris, North Korea, Australia, Brazil, China, the future, and the past, among many other places, and I have so many more places to go. The first book I ever read only took me down an ordinary street where I met ordinary children doing ordinary things. But it was exciting enough because I’d unlocked a magic code that combined letters into words, which created pictures in my mind and planted ideas in my head. My life was changed forever.

promo-nea-raaToday is Read Across America Day! The NEA sponsors this event to celebrate and encourage reading. If you’re a teacher, represent an organization, or are an individual, add your plans to the Read Across America site []. Visit it to get ideas. Tweet it, Pin it, Facebook it, hashtag it. Spread the word! And most importantly, READ!

We’re celebrating at Pack-n-Go Girls with 30% off on Amazon on our latest book, Mystery of the Troubled Toucan. Crocodiles swim in the dark waters. Spiders scurry up the twisted tree trunks. And a crazy toucan screeches a warning. It chases Sofia and Júlia, her new friend, deep into the steamy rainforest. There they stumble upon a shocking discovery. Can the little girl in your life solve the mystery?

PNG - Twitter Post ReadAcrossAmerica 1

We’ve also added learning resources for Brazil, which are always free for everyone at Pack-n-Go Girls. You’ll find lots of cross-curriculum learning in reading, writing, math, science, art, and social studies, which are tied to Common Core standards.

In the spirit of traveling, we’ve added in some fun activities just to pass the time when you’re paddling up an estuary, trekking through the jungle, or maybe just out for dinner or stuck inside on a rainy day recess. You’ll find a crossword puzzle, word search, maze, secret decoder, some coloring pages, and a recipe for cooking some treats for your trip or classroom party in here too. We hope that you and your children or students will enjoy these activities.

If nothing else, you’ll have another great Pack-n-Go Girls Adventure to wile away Read Across America Day!

– Janelle