The World Cup: Another Learning Opportunity
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The World Cup: Another Learning Opportunity

I am sitting here watching the World Cup USA vs. Germany game with my kids wondering what should I write about for this week’s blog. My daughter turns around and asks, ” This is taking place in São Paulo, Brazil, right?” I was a little surprised she knew this, but then again, she is a soccer player, albeit just a nine-year-old one. So, we talked a little bit about Brazil.

watchingworldcup“Brazil is by Rio, right?” my kids ask. I am quite certain they are thinking of the movie Rio now . . .

“Well, Rio is in Brazil,” I reply.

“Isn’t Brazil in South America?” Okay, that’s good. They have some sense of their world geography. I am not totally failing as a parent.

“Where is Brazil?” my daughter asks Siri on the iPad. My kids have taken to using Siri after observing their Uncle John talk to her every 5 minutes during spring break. Siri quickly finds it on a map, and my daughter is able to locate São Paulo too.

“So, where is the German team from?” I ask.

“Here’s Germany mom. And there’s Ghana.” She points them out on the map.

Now we are able to see that the US, which is in North America, is playing Germany, which is in Europe. And, we beat Ghana, which is in Africa. And everyone is playing in Brazil, which is in South America.

And so the World Cup becomes yet another opportunity for my kids to learn more about the world. When was the last time my daughter and I had a conversation about Brazil or Ghana or Germany? What kind of opportunities are there everyday to learn more about the world? Not just let the country names pass by our lips, but make the extra effort to discover, to explore, to talk about the world.

That’s what Pack-n-Go Girls is all about – opportunities to discover, explore, and talk about the world.

Next, of course, there’s the conversation about “soccer” versus “football” . . . and why pretty much everyone else in the world calls the sport that kicks the ball with its foot “football,” while the US calls the sport that uses the foot only once in a while “football” . . .

Time to pay more attention to the game. Go USA!