Traveling Kids! Top 10 Travel Tips from a Pack-n-Go Girl
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Traveling Kids! Top 10 Travel Tips from a Pack-n-Go Girl

Plenty of adults have weighed in on tips for fun family travel from a parents’ perspective, including the ones we recently shared with you (5 Easy Tips for Traveling with Kids and 5 More Easy Tips for Traveling with Kids).  But what about from a kids’ perspective? Here are a few tips for traveling successfully from my very own nine-year-old Pack-n-Go Girl, Sarah. We spent a month on the road this summer, and she had a few things to share:


1. Be patient. It always goes quicker if you are patient and not complaining.

2. If you have a long plane ride, make sure you have some movies to watch and a comfy stuffed animal to lay your head on when you need to sleep. And sleep on your mom (or dad).

3. Don’t leave home without something you really think is amusing for a plane ride or car trip. Bring a favorite book, an electronic, or a toy. I brought some magazines, an iPad with books on it (all the Harry Potter books so I wouldn’t run out of reading), a notebook to draw in, and a bunch of other creative stuff.

4. Always bring a little snack in case you get hungry and you are not near any food place or they haven’t started the food service on the airplane. I like to bring Skittles, Jolly Ranchers, and Granola Bars for my snacks. I also always carry a water bottle with me. Make sure you check it before you go through security each time though. One time I forgot to check it and it still had water in it. I was really scared when they pulled my bag and had to call my mom over.

5. Make sure to take lots of pictures of the place you are going to. My dad gave me his phone to take some pictures at the Sagrada Familia. I took pictures from a different point of view than my parents did. Plus, it kept me really busy while my dad was reading every word on the tour displays.

6. When things start to bother you (like lots of noise in the airport or loud engines on the plane), think of something good. Or read a book and think about all the characters and what they might do next. Or listen to music.

7. When we were touring around Barcelona, there were some long days looking at all the sights. When I started to get bored, I tried to find all the differences from where I am from and where they are from. Ask yourself: What’s the same as back home? What’s different than back home?

8. To deal with jet lag, crazy schedules, and being tired, I tried to keep my mind off of thinking about it. I think exercising and walking around and not thinking about how tired I am helps. (And, bonus tip: ask for ice cream – parents will always cave in and get ice cream for us tired kids!)

9. At the airport, I accidentally walked too quickly ahead of my family one time. I learned that you can’t always expect that your family will be right behind you. You always have to know where they are and what to do if they are not right behind you or if you don’t see them. Luckily, I heard my dad’s whistle (and I was wearing my RoadID with my parents’ phone numbers on it). Also, don’t forget to bring your money to the airport. There are lots of good stores there, and if you have time, you can shop a little.

10. Always make sure you bring your Pack-n-Go Girls purse. I carry my money, a book, some dolls, a brush, a mirror, chapstick, gum, pen, notebook, headphones, and my chargers. And, if I could fit it, I would bring my trumpet! Not sure my mom would let me though. (NOTE: The Pack-n-Go Girls purse is still in prototype stage).

Sarah and I would love to hear your kids’ best travel tips!