Visit the Amazon and Create a Tree Boa
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Visit the Amazon and Create a Tree Boa

PNG-TroubledToucan-cropYou don’t need to leave home to visit the Amazon with your child. Read Mystery of the Troubled Toucan and join Sofia and Júlia as they solve a mystery in the heart of the Amazon. Then create a tree boa to hang in your house. It’s fun, it’s easy, and you probably already have all the supplies you need. We just did this activity with 50 students during a World Tour Day at a local elementary school. The children had a great time pretending they were in the Amazon with their snakes. We hope you will too!


1 Paper Plate

Scissors, Glue, and Crayons

String for hanging

Aluminum foil, cut into triangles (10-20 pieces)


Step One

Color the plate. The whole plate. Anyway you want. As fast or as slow as you want.
Just color!


Step Two

Cut the plate in a circular path from the outside to the inside. I drew a blue line on to the plate to help my daughter. You can draw it on before or after the coloring.


Step Three

Add the aluminum foil “scales.” Draw on the eyes or add googly eyes. You can also cut out a tongue from red paper and glue that on.



Step Four

Punch a hole in the head area. Add string, and hang your snake!
Hopefully it won’t keep you awake at night.