We’ve Been Busy Pack-n-Go Girls
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We’ve Been Busy Pack-n-Go Girls

What? Is it really September? This year has flown. Between all of the travel we’ve done, Pack-n-Go work (and play!), and real life, we’ve hardly had time to catch our breath. If you’re curious about what we’ve been up to, here’s a quick snapshot.

We’re working, working, working on our next book releases, Mystery of the Naga at Night (Thailand 2) and Mystery of the Rusty Key (Australia 2).

  • Mystery of the Naga at Night: Nong May and Jess are in the thick of a spooky mystery as they try to figure out why they’re seeing a Naga, a mythical seven-headed beast slithering through the jungle at night.
  • Mystery of the Rusty Key: An ancient letter, a rusty key, a missing box, and a curse are the tantalizing clues of the next Australia adventure with Wendy, Chloe, and Jacko. The kids race against time to solve this mystery before the clock strikes midnight.


We’ve got audio books now! We’ve just released Mystery of the Ballerina Ghost and Mystery of the Secret Room. The audio versions are perfect to take on a road trip or for a read along. We love our reader Kae Denino – she really captures the spirit of the books and characters. We’re now working on Mystery of the Christmas Market and hope to keep adding titles through the end of the year.

We launched the Summer Reading Adventure again this summer for our young readers. We hope everyone enjoyed their 5-week tour of the world, and we look forward to seeing you again next summer.

On July 4th, we stopped by to sign books @ Next Page Books & Nosh in Frisco, Colorado. It was so fun to see a few of our Pack-n-Go Girls from last year’s parade and meet new kids ready to pack and go around the world. Thanks for all those who came out to meet us.

During April and May, we made author visits to Palmer Lake Elementary and Edith Wolford Elementary to talk to kids in Kindergarten through fourth grade. We explored five secrets to making your writing come alive and visited each of the Pack-n-Go Girls countries. Earlier in the year, we visited The DaVinci Academy for their World Tour Day where we engaged students in interactive activities and learning about Brazil. Prior to this author visit, we engaged younger and older writers at the Discovery Canyon Campus Writers Week. There we explored the world and writing with elementary students and engaged high school students with a presentation about the writing and publication process. We love meeting our readers and helping students discover the writer inside of them. If you know anyone interested in author visits, please get in touch with us.

Between author visits, we’ve been true to our travel adventuring ways visiting Netherlands, China, Austria, Mexico, England, Scotland, France, Connecticut, Florida, Seattle, Kansas, and Las Vegas. We’ve got a few more trips lined up on the back end of this year – to South Africa, Shanghai, Mexico, and Singapore. We’ll keep you posted on what we learn, of course!

Where did you pack-n-go over summer? Share a picture on our Facebook page – we’d love to see!