40 Fabulous Travel Tips
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40 Fabulous Travel Tips

Has school really started already? Can’t we squeeze in one more trip—even if it’s just a long weekend? Sigh. It’s a good thing that it’s never too early to start planning the next adventure. These forty fabulous tips should make it easier to create the best trip ever.

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1. Thinking about visiting a US national park? You won’t find a better site for information than this!

2. Traveling outside the US? The US State Department checklist is a smart place to start.

3. Want to familiarize yourself with the local language before you arrive? Here are some great language websites that offer free or low cost language study. Duolingo is my favorite free one!

4. So which travel site gives you the best deals? Here’s a quick rundown.

5. Do you know when your passport REALLY expires? If you’re traveling internationally, this is the most important link to click on in this entire blog.

6. This CDC site makes it easy to know which vaccines you’ll want or need before traveling to another country.

Air Travel:

7. Do you have your eye on a particular destination, or are you always on the lookout for great deals to visit the grandparents?  AirfareWatchDog let’s you put in your locations and they email you when a great deal pops up.

8. Here’s the scientific answer for when to book the cheapest airfare, whether you’re flying domestic or international destinations.

9. Fun fact. Type “everywhere” in the destination box at Google Flights and see what pops up for your next trip idea. Don’t you love surprises?

10. This takes a little more thinking ahead, but here are some crafty ways to get more miles to use for more free flights.

11. Seat Expert and Seat Guru give you a fighting chance for a better seat on a long flight.

12. Plan your next summer’s vacation around the three cheapest weeks of the summer.

13. As much fun as traveling can be, it can also be stressful. Here are 10 tips for reducing the stress.

14. You’ll find information here for planning a route that avoids the airports with the worst delays.

Traveler Rights:

15. Flight canceled? Get bumped? Know your rights!

16. WHOOHOO! You CAN cancel your flight for a full refund!

17. Lost luggage is such a drag. At the very least, you should know your traveler’s rights.


18. Avoid vacation spoilers with great packing tips.

19. Traveling with kids? Check out these easy travel tips for how to pack, go through security, and survive airport layovers.

20. Never lose a bag again with these cool tracking gizmos.


Survival tips:

21. Want to know what the airlines don’t want you to know? Then you’ll be thrilled to find these 10 tips–including the real value of being bumped.

22. When should you complain to an airline? And no. it’s not “all the time.”

23. Jetlag is a killer. It can shave too many days off your true vacation time. These 6 simple tricks will give you a few of those days back.

24. Worried about bedbugs in hotel? Here’s a cool gizmo for traveling that kids can even use.

25. Let’s talk about airport survival. And yes, it is possible.

26. Check out these 10 gadgets to help you sleep when you travel. Some don’t even take up much suitcase room.

27. Afraid to fly? These 10 helpful tips can reduce your anxiety.

28. Layovers require a mindset shift. You’d be surprised at where this takes you.



29. Worried about Montezuma’s revenge when traveling? Avoid these 7 foods!

30. It’s not just about what you shouldn’t eat. Here are 7 foods you should eat before flying.

31. No question about it. The world is a germy place. Avoiding these 10 germiest places will keep you healthier.

Cheap ways to travel:

32. Vacations can be cheaper than you think. Every major city (and most small ones) have intriguing lists of free things to do.

33. Bet you never thought of this one: RV rental companies need drivers to move RVs from one rental location with lots of vehicles to another site without enough. Sometimes you can get the RV for as little as $1.00 a day. You might even get free gas!

34. Even day- or a single-overnight trip is a great way to escape. You’re probably within hours of one of these (mostly) free destinations.

Kid travel:

35. Just what every family needs: 5 easy tips for traveling with kids!

36. Wait! We found 5 more easy tips for traveling with kids!

37. Our favorite Pack-n-Go Girls shares her 10 best travel tips. So young and so wise.

38. And here are 30 more great tips for traveling with–or without–kids.

39. Don’t forget to capture the memories with a journal. These 10 questions to open young traveler’s minds are a perfect place to start.

40. If travel isn’t in the budget at the moment, do the next best thing and read about it. Pack-n-Go Girls take you to ThailandBrazilMexico, and Austria. In December, Pack-n-Go will take you to Australia, too!


And now for an added bonus . . .

Bloggers share their lists of 40 favorite things

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